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Maxim Khlopov
Maxim Khlopov
Director of Virtual Institute of Astroparticle Physics APC Laboratory

Dr. Maxim Yu Khlopov graduated in 1974 with honours from MPhTI (Diploma of Engineer-Physicist of 30.06.1974, Moscow) and entered MPhTI post graduate courses, which finished in 1977 by successful presentation of thesis of candidate of physical and mathematical sciences on physical and astrophysical effects of weak interactions and got Diploma of Candidate of Science. He had memberships from Russian Gravitational Society (since 1993) and Astronomical Council of RAS (since 1999).

Research Interest

Cosmology and Particle physics, Cosmoparticle physics, Particle physics Beyond the Standard model, Physics of very early Universe, Cosmophenomenology of new physics, Primordial black holes, Particle Physics of Dark matter, Dark Atos and Dark Radiation.

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