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The 7th International Conference on Applied Physics is planned to be conducted during August 17-19, 2023 in Thailand. Physics 2023 aims at bringing together Medical Physicists, Research Scholars, Physicists, Nano Technicians Researchers, Industrialists, Research scientists, Cryogenics laboratories, Chemical engineers, Physics industries, Professors and Students.
The theme of our conference is ‘Outreaching the world of Matter, Materials and its Physics”, which recognizes the rapid advances being made in basic research and the need for their translation from the bench to beside and also translation of the evidence generated into industrial practice.
This conference access to research activities related to a specific subject with current discoveries and developments expected from them. Physics 2023 is a great opportunity for all the delegates and speakers of the University and an institution which allows you to interact with world-class scientists and business persons. The inquisitive participants can confirm their participation by registration of Physics 2023 along with your colleagues.
We welcome you to Melbourne, and hope that this year’s conference will challenge and inspire you, and result in new knowledge, collaborations, and friendships.
The main aim of this event is to bring individuals together from miscellaneous disciplines to examine progress and to exchange thoughts and philosophies in all fields of physics. Physics 2023 will provide a great opportunity beyond any comparison to attend and network with research scholars and scientists. Physics 2023 gathers over 300 participants globally which embraces thought-provoking keynote speeches and poster presentations.
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